Two questions re: Wimberley Head II

Started Feb 11, 2014 | Discussions thread
Yorkshireman Regular Member • Posts: 184
Re: Two questions re: Wimberley Head II

1). Balancing depends not only on the lens, but the length of the base plate on the lens and the weight of the camera to which the lens is attached.

2) The only advantage of a leveling plate, is that it saves one the bother of adjusting the individual tripod legs to ensure that the tripod upper plate is level. It is a matter of convenience, not necessity.

3) For a 70-200mm lens, I think that the Sidekick is more than adequate. However, I do not agree that one only needs as Wimberely II for lenses of 500mm and more. I have an 200mm F2 lens, which is quite heavy (ca 3kg) and it is much more convenient to use a Wimberely gimbel with such a lens.

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