1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

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Re: 1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

Patrick McMahon wrote:

fotobert wrote:

Don't read if you have already bought one.

Uh-oh... should I return it?


Thank God for AF

Thanks for the photo!

I read the test at LensTip, and glanced through the comments, looking for a few things. I am no optics expert, I don't own the lens and will likely never buy one, I may be mistaken on all points but these are my thoughts, for what they may be worth:

Regarding LensTip:

I have come to regard this an entirely trustworthy site, brave, fair and unbiased. But, just like all others, it does not test for every aspect of lens performance.

Centre Sharpness:

See photo above at full resolution, at f/1,4. Looks very good to me.

Off-centre Sharpness:

I have seen other examples with the main subject a little off-centre, like in 'rule-of-thirds' compositions, which have looked fine as well. The resolution charts I've seen have been unimpressive, though. Why? Could it be

Field Curvature:

I guess Photozone is the only site which regularly tests for this effect but they haven't come around to the 58mm Nikkor yet. In this test, LensTip does not test for field curvature. Nobody in this thread has commented on that, either.

Still, the resolution chart in LensTip's review (and others) could well indicate a good deal of field curvature, couldn't it? Corner resolution rising exponentially towards a stopped-down aperture where the corners come into resolution because the depth of field includes the whole picture.

Could this be the explanation for poor off-centre sharpness? Perhaps. I guess some of you owners will know.

Shape of OOF lights:

At the bottom of page 5 and the bottom of page 7 of the review I found two illustrations which caught my interest. These show oof light sources in front of, and behind the focal plane. Strangely, these do NOT have any bright edges, like many lenses do. They are NOT evenly lit, like a plate painted in one and the same colour. Instead, they are slightly brighter in the middle, fading towards the edges.

In the test, this is perceived as an optical fault, and for example the Otus is shown beside the Nikkor, as an example of how it should be.

But me, I am not sure. I think this could in fact be part of the reason for the absolutely stunning


Many of you have mentioned the 58mm bokeh but, maybe not with enough emphasis?

I may be wrong here, but I have rarely, if ever, seen such lovely bokeh in a normal lens for the 24*36mm format. The 58mm at f/1,4 or f/2, in the examples I have seen, looks like my old Rollei or Hasselblad at f/4 or so. Absolutely sweet and, to my eye, unrivalled in a 50-58mm lens.

The Noct was slightly similar, from examples I've seen: Beautiful bokeh, compared to the more odrinary 50mm f/1,2 Nikkors.

To Nikon:

Maybe your intention was to make a lens with the capacity to produce lovely pictures - at the cost of it not measuring very well?

Did you in fact know on beforehand it would be questioned like this? A brave move in such case, perhaps a little too brave...

Too difficult to figure out for many of your customers. Obvious, perhaps, to only a few professionals, fashion shooters, wedding photographers, portrait photographers? - In other words, professionals who do not read test charts, do not pixel-peep, who judge photos from prints, and from their pictorial qualities?

In other words, customers rather unlike people on forums such as this one.

Just a thought.



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