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Re: Around $1000 budget... Pana GX7 or OMD EM-10...

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Currently have 7 yrs old Nikon D40 with kit lense 18-135mm...
The past year... i dont want to use it because its bulky/big/heavy...

Now... I have a go signal from wife to get new smaller camera...

My observation based on reading this forum for 1 week... GX7 is better camera than EM10... However, i like the black color of the EM10 and it looks like EM10 is cheaper...

I've gad a GX7 for about 3 months. It's really an excellent camera and would be a huge difference… in every way but size… from your D40.

The GX7 is available in black, too. B&H finally has black GX7s in stock.

The new Sony A6000 will be smaller, higher IQ, faster and cheaper. Similar rangefinder-type styling.

NEX is a good system but is much more limited than M4/3. There are far fewer lenses than the M4/3 system (around 75 at this point not counting announced but not shipping). APSC lenses are generally much larger than M4/3 lenses. Also, I read that Sony made an announcement recently that they were focusing lens development on the new FE series for the A7 cameras. So, where does that leave NEX?

Well that's fine. The FE lenses can be used 100% with the APS-C products. Some like the FE35 will be very small. Also Sony has not given up on new APS-C camera future announcements. I figure an A7 size APS-C camera by this fall, called the A6.

Including Panasonic and Olympus, M4/3 now has 7 or 8 manufacturers producing lenses for the system.

Sony has maybe 5.

You should really try to handle the cameras before deciding. I tried an EM10 last week and found it much too small and the controls rather cramped. The GX7 has a much better grip, ergonomics and UI. The only way to make the best choice for yourself is to handle and try them.

Speaking of too small, did you try a GM1?

Yeah, the GM1 is amazingly small and in a class by itself. When I sell my GX1 I'm getting one!

For M43, I really like the E-PL5.,472.374,521.92,ha,t

Is it better to get the camera with the kit lense? or its better to just get the buy the camera body and get the separate lense... What lense should i get??? I actually prefer the pancake style lense... because its not bulky...

The GX7 with a 14-42mm II lens is a good choice. That lens is surprisingly compact and quite good. Small, light, fast focusing and sharp through it's range. It's fun to use, too.

Older G1 lens the 14-45 may be marginally better.

Tests I've seen say they're about on par. The 14-42mm II is quite a bit smaller than the 14-45mm and focuses faster. I do prefer the external OIS switch on the 14-45mm.

I would use the camera for some family vacations and sometimes taking sport pics for my kids...

You may want to add a longer lens like the $200 Panasonic 45-150mm. It's very good for the price, on par with the 14-42mm II, and would give you 90-300mm equivalent. It matches well with the kit zoom.

Got one, very poor compared to the NEX E-body's 55-210.

I'm not familiar with the Sony lens. The 45-150mm gets very good reviews and is much smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Sony. A stop faster, too! I've got one and while it's not on the same level as say the 35-100mm it's really quite good. It is a $200 (or less) budget lens and kind of a no-brainer recommendation for an avowed photography novice.

It's very cheaply made plastic with a plastic lens-mount. Urrrgggh! I have one.

Please note... i am not expert in photography... My old DSLR is 98% always in Auto...

Panasonic's iAuto mode is very good for full-auto, but once you use real time live view with the LCD and the EVF, you'll see it's a different world from what you're used to and hopefully branch out a bit.

Strong point.

Hopefully... the new camera will make me intersted in learning about digital photography... ISO/Apperture/shutterspeed and all that stuff

There are tons of photography resources online to help you learn. Here, for instance!

Bet you can't guess which M43 lens will work on a Sony NEX?

Nope. I would think they'd all vignette pretty heavily on a NEX. I know there are lens adaptors available.

Yes, I have an Olympus 15mm Body-Mount lens with a Pixco adapter. It vignettes but seems to work best on my old 14mp NEX-3. I believe the images are sharper than on my Olympus. I took it to Henry's last week and we stuck it onto a full frame A7R! It vignetted but not worse than the NEX.


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