Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: What Nikon 2.8 zoom lenses??

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Yes the Nikon zooms are great. I had the 24-70 - beautiful lens. But so huge heavy and expensive. I could never bring myself to buy the 70-200 despite it being awesome. So huge and expensive and heavy. Just too over the top.

Just by the way the Fuji 18-55 I would rate as a bit better than the Nikon 24-70 because it has OIS. It is also very sharp and good to the corners wide open. Optically its very similar to the Nikon 24-70 but the OIS, the lighter weight, the way lower cost (1/3rd the price), much smaller, takes smaller filters puts it ahead. But its not a FF lens.


Having had 3 copies of the Fuji 18-55 it does not come close to the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 in regards to image quality, center to edge sharpness, micro contrast and out of focus rendering are all superior on the Nikon.

The Nikon 70-200 f2.8 II is an amazing lens and probably the best zoom lens currently available but it is indeed heavy.

Personally I found the Fuji 18-55 only a little better than any Nikon kit lens.

If you need the image quality that the two Nikon f2.8 lenses can produce then their weight and cost is well worth it, if you don't then it isn't, it really is that simple.

any constant f2.8 lens is going to be large and heavy, ones for an APS-C system will be smaller and lighter than their FF counterpart but they'll still be big and heavy and are likely to feel unbalanced on a mirrorless body, also an f2.8 for FF isn't the same as one for APS-C in regards to the ability to separate your subject.

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