Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

Started Feb 16, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

In terms of IQ, you will gain, not lose, if i would not need my gear to work, id jump straight on Fuji X sister ( i only got the x100 for every day use and love it) also was a very big Fuji fan, have had the S2,S3 and S5 (i still own the S5) but wok on a D800 and D700...

Stay as you are if you are,and complement it with and x sistem, as you will lose a lot of many for doing the swap....

I tell you one thing, if fuji brings that FF they're teasing, i will swap all my nikon gear without any doubt the moment it launches !

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