Any special news from CP+ ?

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Re: Indeed?

The only thing to affect the 3rd parties is high sales, wherever they come from.

Not true. I'm seriously doubting that people shooting a Nikon D3300 or Canon T-whatever are going right out and slapping a Sigma 500mm f/4.5 on that baby.

What we're seeing with the 3rd party manufacturers abandoning K-mount RE their higher-end glass is the recognition that the K-mount as a system has lost its top-tier buyers as a result of failing to offer a top-tier body for over a decade. Those people have left Pentax for other systems, and the 3rd party makers are seeing that reflected in their lens sales. If a FF K-mount brings high-end consumers back to the K-mount, there will once again be a market for the high-end 3rd party glass in K-mount, and they're start making it available. Market share is not always the same as market share.


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