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JeffAHayes wrote:

Frankly, while I agree with your economics argument about it, Zvonimir, from an INDUSTRY standpoint, Ricoh NEEDS to release a decent FF camera VERY soon in order for the Pentax brand to not become entirely irrelevant to the aftermarket lens makers (assuming it hasn't already).

That argument doesn't work, Jeff.  3rd party lens makers already have the designs for attaching K-mount to the back of their lenses - remember that their optics have to accommodate a range of mounts, so one more or less makes little practical difference.  And remember that one of the key points of K-mount is that it fits FF and crop bodies.

If the economics of making and fitting K-mount to their lenses with the current level of Pentax sales it's unlikely that an extra 10% will turn the economic balance.  And if 10% additional sales does turn the balance, it doesn't matter to the 3rd party makers where that 10% comes from.

So if Ricoh finds a way to increase APS-C DSLR sales by 10% it has exactly the same economic effect on the 3rd party makers as if crop sales stay the same and it adds 10% of new FF sales.  Note that I'm saying 10% as a round number; worldwide FF sales are probably a bit under that and there's no reason to expect a Pentax FF to buck the trend.

Given the amount of cash that Ricoh allocates to develop its DSLR business (however much that is) the driver for where to spend that cash is Ricoh's view of where it can most easily boost its sales and profit.  If FF is high-profit on low sales it's a good investment for Ricoh but won't influence 3rd party makers precisely because it is low sales.

The only thing to affect the 3rd parties is high sales, wherever they come from.

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