Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: but you missed the point!

Habemus_Canon wrote:

I said you could send the output to your Google Glass viewer. In your SPECIFIC situation (which I'm sure is NOT the vast majority of 6D photos) it still would be 1000x better than a tilt screen. You don't even have to adjust the tilt of the swivel screen, as the live view output is always shown in front of you.

theoretically I agree that using a high quality visor to do this would be a good alternative. But there is nothing that comes even close yet to the quality of a good camera LCD or viewfinder regarding resolution, lag, contrast etc. - at least nothing that is for sale and kind of affordable. I don't want to see just the controls and menu options, I need to see the scene in full detail through the camera, see what the critters are doing, judge sharpness and the exact moment to take the shot which is impossible with Google Glass and similar devices. Maybe in 5 years or so ...

The equipment that I know of and that would possibly have enough display quality is helmet size, not glasses size, only available for research or extremely expensive. I don't think anyone would be so foolish to use such equipment in typically unpredictable nature/wildlife shooting conditions ...

Of course this does not apply to all potential use of a tilt screen on DSLR, but I guess it is quite common for nature/wildlife photography.

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