DotTune: Video Tutorial for AF tuning without photographs

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Aperture is one of the influences to the calculation I'd say

If not the aperture might change, leading to a change in AF compensation necessary.

Not that the image coming onto the sensor changes (no aperture involved then), but the camera might know about the lens's characteristic on aperture-dependent focus shift?

From my experience the perfect AF-fine-tune has the following influences

- lens (obviously) and (for zooms) focal length
- aperture used (while only small numbers like 1.4..3.5 really show the problem)
- focus distance (closeup or infinity and quite  a bit of positions in between)
- light type (Kelvin basically, seen mostly as daylight vs. tungsten taking very different tuning)
- AF-illu used or not, especially if white or red pattern of strobe

So when I shot at landscape-daylight at infinity and move to my kid's indoor-tungsten-party closeup (portrait style) my 1.4/85 and my 1.4/24 really make me sick on the D800. The D700 was much more robust in this regard. Had a D4 on a Nikon workshop long before I had my D800 and found this there already, too.

So basically we have to find the perfect values for a 4-dimensional feature space. That's way too much, Nikon needs to adress that in the next generation. The 4s seems to have mostly AF enhancement from what I read of the pre-announcements, and I definitly think this makes sense.

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