Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

blue_cheese wrote:

How do you do live view focus and get it right with magnified view in bright sunlight?

Never needed to in my photography. By the way, Nikon's focus is considered very accurate.

From my experience, MF is a chimp and shoot.

I agree that EVF is far superior for the purposes of MF. My point was that if you have AF lenses and a good AF system, MF is not really necessary.

How is the EVF response in a fast pan, it didn't strike me as good, everything smeared until I stopped moving the camera.

EVF in what camera? If it's not good enough for you in the EM1 and X-T1 (caveat - never used the X-T1 EVF myself) then EVF is not good enough for you yet.

Is there some quantifiable, standard measure of AF performance?

Not to my knowledge. Especially as shooting style is important to the type of AF performance required.

A standard moving target/scene that measures light level vs AF acquisition time/accuracy? I can't find such a benchmark anywhere, and all cameras make claims that they have the best AF. For me AF is critical, and is probably one of the biggest things holding me back from mirrorless, I want to know if the "DSLR has better AF" is FUD.

In most types of focusing, the best mirrorless are (on the whole) faster and more accurate than the best DSLR's in single AF. However, mirrorless performance drops as the light drops and is still far behind in tracking AF.

This is based on a broad range of feedback from photographers who have used both types of systems.

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