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Re: Even simple things are not very intuitive

bananahead wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

But you still need to be careful about file associations so that you don't find yourself in a full screen version of an application that has no obvious way to exit out of (until you figure out how to grab the very top of the screen and drag it down to the very bottom of the screen to exit it). The new Style applications are just not very intuitive (no obvious way to exit them, no way to resize them as desired, etc.), and are just not optimized for desktop users.

It's funny that lots of people claim to use a keyboard and mouse but in reality only use a mouse. People that use a keyboard would either press alt-tab to go to whichever app they wanted or would press the windows key to go to the start screen. Windows has worked this way for a long long time.

Actually, I did eventually use Alt+Tab to switch out of it, then used a google search from Firefox on the Desktop to figure out how to exit it using a top to bottom grab of the app (since none of the buttons in the app worked for that purpose).  It also appears that you don't actually need to close an app that you switch out of.

But, it's just not very intuitive to use (an understatement).  So, it's no wonder that many people that try it just don't like it and want to go back to Windows 7 or earlier versions (or in some cases, just return the computer they purchased and buy a different model that still has Win 7 on it).

At least there are third party utilities like the free Classic Shell that allow you to bypass using the new style screens entirely for the most part, unless you happen to click on a link to a file that's still associated with a new style (formerly known as Metro) application that dumps you into an app taking up the entire screen with no obvious way to exit it.

You can't be serious if you think Windows 8 is intuitive compared to older versions of Windows.

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