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Re: Around $1000 budget... Pana GX7 or OMD EM-10...

jeffharris wrote:

PINOYE90 wrote:

Currently have 7 yrs old Nikon D40 with kit lense 18-135mm...
The past year... i dont want to use it because its bulky/big/heavy...

Now... I have a go signal from wife to get new smaller camera...

My observation based on reading this forum for 1 week... GX7 is better camera than EM10... However, i like the black color of the EM10 and it looks like EM10 is cheaper...

I've gad a GX7 for about 3 months. It's really an excellent camera and would be a huge difference… in every way but size… from your D40.

The GX7 is available in black, too. B&H finally has black GX7s in stock.

The new Sony A6000 will be smaller, higher IQ, faster and cheaper. Similar rangefinder-type styling.

You should really try to handle the cameras before deciding. I tried an EM10 last week and found it much too small and the controls rather cramped. The GX7 has a much better grip, ergonomics and UI. The only way to make the best choice for yourself is to handle and try them.

Speaking of too small, did you try a GM1?,472.374,521.92,ha,t

Is it better to get the camera with the kit lense? or its better to just get the buy the camera body and get the separate lense... What lense should i get??? I actually prefer the pancake style lense... because its not bulky...

The GX7 with a 14-42mm II lens is a good choice. That lens is surprisingly compact and quite good. Small, light, fast focusing and sharp through it's range. It's fun to use, too.

Older G1 lens the 14-45 may be marginally better.

I would use the camera for some family vacations and sometimes taking sport pics for my kids...

You may want to add a longer lens like the $200 Panasonic 45-150mm. It's very good for the price, on par with the 14-42mm II, and would give you 90-300mm equivalent. It matches well with the kit zoom.

Got one, very poor compared to the NEX E-body's 55-210.

Please note... i am not expert in photography... My old DSLR is 98% always in Auto...

Panasonic's iAuto mode is very good for full-auto, but once you use real time live view with the LCD and the EVF, you'll see it's a different world from what you're used to and hopefully branch out a bit.

Strong point.

Hopefully... the new camera will make me intersted in learning about digital photography... ISO/Apperture/shutterspeed and all that stuff

There are tons of photography resources online to help you learn. Here, for instance!

Bet you can't guess which M43 lens will work on a Sony NEX?

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