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Re: Around $1000 budget... Pana GX7 or OMD EM-10...

Lumixdude wrote:

You can use non-IBIS lenses on a Panasonic body let's not get carried away and actually say something that I didn't actually say, if you're going to correct something... All that said though, It doesn't mean mean you should particularly with long zooms where the shock is magnified across the zoom range... and in low light situations. There is more than enough reason to have the superior Olympus IBIS alone.

On the issue of Four Thirds lenses you're right, and by the time you go and put a Four Thirds lens on a Micro Four Thirds body you lose the point of Micro Four Thirds all together...

The point stands where it counts that Olympus has superior body stabilisation, while Panasonic has its edge in video.

If you are saying that in-body stabilization such as OLympus' 3-axis or 5-axis IBIS is superior to in-lens stabilization such as Panasonic's OIS, Sony NEX/A7's OSS, or CANON/Nikon's. These companies are on record as saying that in-lens IS is better. Although the E-M1/E-M1's 5-axis...I just don't know.

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