The shutter life of Canon 70D

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Re: The shutter life of Canon 70D

archmonk wrote:

Hi everyone,

I was rather curious about the shutter life of canon 70D. Is it something to be concerned about ?

Because I am new to photography I might just end up randomly shooting pictures, should I be worried about the shutter life ?
What is the average life time ? Say I use it on a daily basis to shoot random pictures, is that even good or should I be careful about the shots I take ?

I wouldn't worry about it. You're buying the camera to take pictures. 100,000 shots is a lot of images, and remember, the rating is more of a rating by which the shutter is highly likely to be VERY accurate. Even if it starts to get a little off, it's unlikely you'd even notice it until it was 1/4 of a stop or more. I put around 300,000 shots on a Fuji S5 Pro that I think was rated for 150,000, and it was still going fine.

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