G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Re: G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

Someone is worried about "camera shake" since the LCD is no longer a swivel & articulated screen. I tell ya, we're getting to the ridiculous on complaints on a new camera not even released yet.

I never worry about camera shake and most folks I know don't either. Every digital camera I own: G1X, G15/16/,S95.S100, S110 and several others (not listed because this is a Canon Forum) I hold in front of me to take a shot. Back in film days it was necessary to hold camera to your eye, although I took many a shot by holding a camera up in the air. I've never had a blurred photo unless it was an accidental tripping of the shutter. Any modern camera will produce "good" photos for the user unless they are a complete doofus. I have other cameras that have the type of moveable LSD screen that the G1X II has, and they work exceedingly well.

It just amazes me the "cry babies" and "boo-hooers" who are complaining about this new Canon camera. Some are fanboys from other forums, no doubt, but most are "so-called" Canon users. Man, isn't it a shame that Canon didn't consult you guys before making this camera. And the thing is the camera is still over a month from release. No one, but no one has even touched the camera yet, and you're crying all over this Forum that they didn't meet your wants & desires. How dare Canon! The outrage! Well, I'll show 'em, I won't buy this dumb ole camera! There! BooHoo, Sob sob, Sniff sniff!

I have a friend that has worked for Canon, in Japan, for the last 15 years. I'm told that
Canon doesn't pay any attention to the Forums anymore, and one of their VPs said as much a few months ago. At one time they did pay attention, but not for many years now because of the many cry babies and nay-sayers.

They tell me the best way to get Canon's attention is with a personal letter from a professional group or an individual, that is courteous, factual and contains helpful suggestions. The Japanese culture abhors whiners. If you have a legitimate complaint, you will always get a response, maybe not the one you want, but you will get one.

Nuff said!

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