Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: but you missed the point!

He explicitly says that 'a smartphone or tablet is 1000x better than a tiltscreen', which is only true in very specific situations, so in general that claim is WRONG. A smartphone may do some things better, but there are many situations where it simply is not an option and only a tilt screen would work.

I can just about imagine myself taking shots like the one below, holding my camera with 300mm lens in one hand and the smartphone in the other hand, everything just above the water, juggling the camera quickly back and forth while pointing the 300mm in the right direction and looking at the smartphone display, tapping the smartphone screen just at the right moment to take the shot. O wait, there was some delay in taking the actual shot so there is nothing to see in the image (these critters move within the blink of an eye), just try again and hope my wrist doesn't have permanent damage yet from holding the 2 kg camera combo ;-(

Doing it that way is 1000x better! C'mon!!!!

I said you could send the output to your Google Glass viewer. In your SPECIFIC situation (which I'm sure is NOT the vast majority of 6D photos) it still would be 1000x better than a tilt screen. You don't even have to adjust the tilt of the swivel screen, as the live view output is always shown in front of you.

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