Five New Samyang/Rokinon E-mount Cine Lenses

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Re: Five New Samyang/Rokinon E-mount Cine Lenses

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athos56 wrote:

The Samyang site has a data sheet for each lens. The sheets have DSLR, 4/3, and E-mount versions listed. So its either that they list the 4/3 and E-mount thinking that the fact that you can use adapters is enough to justify filling out the data sheet as a marketing tool. Or they made versions with the adapters built in to the lenses. Either way they are the same as the DSLR versions.

The already-existing Samyang 8mm f3.5 fisheye for NEX fits directly onto the camera without adapter if that's any indication.

A question about Samyang lenses - do they send the EXIF data to the camera so you'll still be able to see what f/stop you set in the final picture?

I got the 85mm Version for my NEX-EA50 a couple of months ago and It produces great video.  I'm picking up the 24mm version next month.  No EXIF data is sent and there are NO electrical connections to the camera.  It is full manual but has a very smooth (de-clicked) aperture ring at the base and a smooth focus ring.  The throw on the rings is about 90 degrees and when paired with peaking, makes for accurate focusing.  The gearing makes this lens perfect with a follow focus system, however there is a non-cine lens which may be more suitable for stills.

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