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Re: DOF Preview

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Trollman said that the A7 gives live view DOF preview. I own an A7R and I can't find any reference to DOF in the manual.

So how do we get DOF preview in the A7/R cameras?

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Michael S

You can turn on Live View Display which is in settings 2, but even with this on, from my observations it appears that the aperture opens to some extent, though it seems not fully, while focusing, so the DOF portrayal will not be accurate until focus is achieved.

However from what I have observed, even with Live View Display turned off, although the aperture seems to fully open during focusing, once focus has been achieved then it appears to shut down to your selected value, so at this point, with respect to DOF, what you see should be what you get. However you will not see the brightness of the exposure realistically portrayed with Live View Display turned off.

How does the aperture open or close at all on the manual lens in question?

When using FE lenses, have you observed the aperture opening or closing during viewing? I'm curious if it's actually doing this, or if it's the EVF compensating. I've been assuming it's the EVF trying to give constant output.

Sorry - I was referring to FE lenses, not manual.

I have actually observed the aperture opening and closing, and different behaviour when in Live view Mode - and in fact posted about this a while ago:

And as for the concept of DOF itself, as another poster alluded to - it is all relative - so I'm not sure how valuable DOF preview is anyway:

I've also tried shot preview and I'm not really sure what it's doing other than giving you the relative brightness value.

It stops down the aperture to the actual 'taking aperture' that the camera will use when taking the shot. Traditionally SLRs and DSLR focus and compose with the lens wide open to let as much light in for the viewfinder and/or AF system. The lens then gets stopped down when taking the shot, however they had a DoF preview that shows what the shot will look like by stopping down the lens (though the view gets darker and AF doesn't work during this time).

On mirrorless, your native AF lenses will actually fairly constantly adjust aperture depending on the amount of light, so in dark situations it will open up to help the LV feed and in bright light will actually stop down to reduce the light hitting the sensor (probably partly to do with not cooking the sensor and probably partly to do with available exposure parameters with the rolling electronic shutter). So in these scenarios you won't see what the scene / focus looks like at the actual taking aperture, only what aperture is currently being used on the lens. Using the DoF preview or Shot Preview adjusts the aperture to the actual 'picture taking' aperture. So the standard LV preview cannot always be trusted to be the DoF required and stopping down will often not actually produce a differing results, until the preview button has been hit (and it isn't always possible to 'tell' when the camera in normal LV is showing the actual aperture or some other arbitrary value).

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