Zone and hyperfocal focusing with FE lenses

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Re: A7 displays the actual focus distance when turning the focus ring on E-mount lenses

Miki Nemeth wrote:

spacemn wrote:

It [the A7] will show a slider with the focus distance when you manual focus native lenses. This is very cool and you also can see when you are actually focusing to infinity.

Hi MN, you are totally right. I apologize for the misinformation; I should have checked before writing silly things. As far as I know this is unique to Sony; no other mirrorless camera (Nikon 1, micro 4/3) displays the actual focus distance; I hope, this time I am not mistaken.

The only thing I should do is to keep an information sheet in my camera bag with a table shoing the most important zone/hyperfocal ranges/distances for the apertures and focal lengths I use.

Thank You, Miki

PS: Your gallery contains a number of gorgeous images, especially this one

Are you from a Maghreb country?

Sony do this (now) as well as Fuji with their X-Series. Ricoh on their GR and GXR. A few compacts (enthusiast compacts) do as well. Thing is DoF is determined by the viewing size of the actual image, so it varies and DoF scales / calculators rarely take this into consideration and all comes under 'circle of confusion'... Fuji uses quite a modern take, which means it's DoF scale is 'out' compared to traditional DoF scales. You need to know the reproduction size to get a fully accurate DoF calculation (or more your camera needs to know, which it can't possibly) and often we don't know what that is going to be, however viewing 1:1 (pixel peeping) usually means we have far LESS DoF than a calculator would normally indicated based on traditional circle of confusion figures used.

Point is, implementing a DoF scale is actually rather pointless. Focus distance however is extremely useful and you can work to your own DoF calculations (or experience).

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