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Re: Here is a post at 3200 showing waxy skin from excess nr.

ScottD1964 wrote:

Ed, Chris and everyone else, I'm just not quite sure what the huge issue is in general. After all we're talking about ISO 6400 and higher for cryin' out loud. We're approaching levels that not too long ago full frame sensors couldn't even pull off. And let's just forget about film. How many remember how horrible Kodachrome 200 looked, or Fujichrome 400. How bout the golf ball sized grain of Fujicolor 800 yet we all used it because it allowed us to hopefully pull 1/500 f2.8 in crappy light when our 100 speed chrome gave up the ghost. Then we'd ship the neg film off to Dale Labs to have direct reversal transparencies made from the negs.

Now we're complaint about image degradation 3-4 stops higher than film could ever give us and still with better IQ than film at 400-800 ISO. Let's face it, a majority are spoiled to the point that if every image isn't tack sharp at 100% crop and higher then the offending piece of equipment is deemed worthless.

Here's a thought. Instead of complaining about what Fuji, Canikon, Olympus, etc. haven't provided you, why don't you be glad for the advancements that have been made in the last few years that allow you to even discuss shooting IQ at ISO 6400 and higher on FF let alone APS-C or M43.


A nice argument but the problem is that the 1st generation of X-Trans cameras already solved this problem!  X100, XPro1, Xe1 all produce amazing jpgs.

Everyone is justifiably upset that the 2nd generation of X-Trans took a step backwards with their jpeg engines in regards to high iso.

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