how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

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re: the fact that my N7's AF'ing is a total rubbish...

YLK wrote:

I still think it is very much about realizing NEX is not very fast or accurate at focusing, once you accept it you will be fine...:) In fact I'm learning manual focusing now, new and usefull skill; while for run and gun photography use P&S.

  • ...was immediately obvious since the very I-st day after purchase;
  • the skill of MF'ing was already acquired about three decades earlier - still in a depth of that so very remote film era ;
  • alas... MF'ing is sufficient for about 70% of my photo ops (at best, but we tend to be very lenient and forgiving in this thread);
  • unfortunately, P&S won't do... as my predilection is to shoot wide open for a paper thin DOF;

however, this thread very brilliantly illustrates what exactly is wrong with AF of the Nex'en, and why the a6k might such a breakthrough = that is IFF confirmed


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