1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

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Re: Don't take Lenstip too seriously

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Don't read if you have already bought one.


Really, they've descended into pointless and unjustified trashing in recent months, presumably to drive traffic to their site. Their review of the 16-35 was over the too, as was their review of the two zeiss touit lenses for CSCs.

I'm not sure how negative lens reviews would drive traffic to their site. They don't post sensationalistic headlines, and the actual summaries of the reviews are pretty well buried behind all of the analytics they perform in order to reach their conclusions.

Seems to me, if they were only interested in maximizing traffic to their site, they would have published the 16-35 review years ago, when they first got a copy and found it unsatisfactory. Why sit on the negative review for two years if your goal is to maximize traffic? They essentially lost two years of traffic waiting for a second copy of the lens when they felt it necessary to confirm the findings of their initial tests.

Plus, if they're only interested in driving traffic to their site, and only negative reviews allow them to maximize said traffic - why all the positive reviews? Why the positive review of the 18-35, or the Sigma 35mm? Wouldn't that hurt their intended goal if said goal is to publish negative reviews to drive traffic to their site?

You may disagree with their testing methodology, but slandering their intentions makes it look like you're the one with the agenda, not them.

You canot argue with the actual tests they do, although whether a lens' true potential is really demonstrated by this kind of testing is something I do question in many cases. What you can argue with is the sometimes oversensational  conclusions. The lenses I gave above are examples, another would be the oly 17 f1.8. Basically, they seem to go way overboard in trashing some lenses that are actually pretty good.  You are correct that  I don't know why they do it (I have made assumptions) but do it they do...

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