X-T1 jpg quality question

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Re: Here is a post at 3200 showing waxy skin from excess nr.

Ed B wrote:

newone757 wrote:


Are you serious? You admit that the xe2 has way more noise reduction right in your post but still claim you haven't seen any portrait examples posted. What a contradiction.

What's even worse is you try to criticize somebody for posting the exact proof you've been asking for on artistic merit. It was a simple snapshot and clearly shows the issue. It doesn't matter if the pictures are photographically good or not, that wasn't the point.

You have your head so far up there simply isn't anything anybody can show or tell you that will change your mind. It's obvious. Continue to live in ignorance, it suits you. I have both the X-E2 and X-E1 in my hands and refuse to waste my time conducting a test for somebody as ungrateful as you. Enjoy yourself.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I'm glad you were able to get this off your chest. Hope you feel better now.

I really wish you would post some examples, taken with your cameras. You could prove me wrong, once and for all. I would pull my head out of wherever it's at and gladly apologize for my ignorance.

I already posted an example, the one you criticized. The one above you illustrates the same issue as well. I get the feeling you are a true seeing is believing type person so I suggest heading down to your local camera store if they carry fujifilm to see for yourself. Pop a card in, set the camera to 6400, pick aperture, and SS and take a picture of the salesman behind the counter. Rinse and repeat on the other camera. The proof is even evident on the cameras LCD screen.

Believe me, I ignored the claims myself and brushed it off as the typical fuji bashers that come along every now and then. I even chalked some of the visual evidence up as the person not knowing how the use their gear (similar to what you are doing here). But I just picked up an xe1 last week to use while I sell my xe2 (shipping out tomorrow) to fund the xt1. It is a real problem.

Fortunately I don't normally shoot ISO 6400 portraits so it doesn't bother me enough to not order an xt1 but I cant deny the facts that it does exist. Typically if the work is that critical I'll be in a studio type setting with strobes so no need for anything above 200-400 ISO and I'll develop the RAWs as well were it is a non-issue. YMMV

Either way I hope you find what you're looking for and apologize if I got a little riled up.

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