X-T1 jpg quality question

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Re: Here is a post at 3200 showing waxy skin from excess nr.

eye specs wrote:

I hope this is helpful as the sort of side by side comparison of x e1 vs xe2/xt1 jpeg noise reduction issue that is of concern to some: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53132928

I do not have not read enough posts to form an opinion and yet it seems that people are divided with some seeing it clearly as in this example and others not. Presumably it is a firmware fixable issue and therefore if real you have reasonable reason to hope that fuji will announce a nr off option for the later cameras. eyespecs.

All I'm seeing here are two extremely poor quality pictures. Yes, the X-E2 picture does look like it has more noise reduction applied but both shots are so bad that neither one represents anything other than shots taken by a person who doesn't know anything about photography.

I know that sounds a little ruff but let's get serious.


Are you serious? You admit that the xe2 has way more noise reduction right in your post but still claim you haven't seen any portrait examples posted. What a contradiction.

What's even worse is you try to criticize somebody for posting the exact proof you've been asking for on artistic merit. It was a simple snapshot and clearly shows the issue. It doesn't matter if the pictures are photographically good or not, that wasn't the point.

You have your head so far up there simply isn't anything anybody can show or tell you that will change your mind. It's obvious. Continue to live in ignorance, it suits you. I have both the X-E2 and X-E1 in my hands and refuse to waste my time conducting a test for somebody as ungrateful as you. Enjoy yourself.

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