How do you keep track of your lens cap?

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I have lost the occasional lens cap...

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Always in the same place. Any lens cap.

Me too. I thought this must have been too lazy and not advisable, but very glad to see more authoritative sources agree!

Over the years, I have lost a lens cap or two (maybe three or four).
But seldom out of my trouser pocket.

More often when I had placed it back on my lens uncarefully and then banged the camera, swinging from my hip, onto something while hiking and then realized that only a mile further.

In that case I replace the expensive Oly cap with a generic cheap one.

I'm glad that so far I have always retrieved the friction-based caps for ZD7-14 and ZD8: thise lenses have no real hood for protection so when they are in use on a hike, I try to keep the cap on while on the move.

(PS : Authorative? Me?)
Roel Hendrickx

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