5D3 Owners on the 6D, Pro wise.

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Best to handle both...

My expereince with the two cameras is that the 6D is good value for money, while the 5D3 is a better all round camera. However, is the 5D3 worth the price premium over the 6D? That's entirely up to you.

To me the autofocus system, higher burst rate, familiar ergonmics, dual card slots, and generally all round greater flexibility of the 5D3 made it the preferable camera. Not that this was a factor for me, but the 5D3 video has noticably less moire than the 6D.

In most low light situations that aren't astrophotography, I'm usually shooting with a flash or ST-E2 flash controller with autofocus illuminator, so ultra-low light autofocus is not that critical. As the 5D3 can autofocus at -2EV, it can still shoot in quite dark situations. I'm not aware of that many real world situations where one would apprecaite the difference. For most concerts or other indooor events, low light hasn't been an issue. Shooting at these low light levels requires high, noisy ISO settings, so while shooting at -3EV is impressive, is it really that practical? I was under the impression that good photography was about good light. At -3EV, there isn't any

As for the 6D being cleaner at high ISOs - distinguishing between the 6D and 5D3 on this attribute is a pretty subtle thing.

If Wi-Fi and GPS are important features to you, then obviously the 6D is the choice.

If the 5D3 had Wi-Fi and GPS included it would be very straight forward to say that it is better than a 6D in every way, but for -1EV of low-light autofocus. As many photographers aren't going to use the Wi-Fi feature, and external GPS logging and syncing in LightRoom is cheap and straight forward, the 5D3 is the higher performing camera - but it obviously costs more money.

The 70D autofocus capability demonstrates that both the 5D3 and 6D aren't the end of the road technology wise, so you might be better served getting the minimum amount of camera that meets your neeeds, as capabilities are always improving and the price point keeps dropping.

Whatever camera body one buys, it won't be long until a better body is available.

Good luck with your selection.

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