how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

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Re: how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

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I know the photographer makes a difference but I am getting annoyed with my nex 5R because sometimes it misses good shots where autofocus and the subject in question shouldn't be trivial to figure out it should be in focus. I don't always or want to change the focus point because sometimes there is just no time and it should be evident. Look here... what do you guys think? I had face detection on (regist faces) but I have no faces registered, regardless, why is it focusing on everything else but the subject in the center. I have multi-area focus mode. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?



Another thing you will notice with the focus, when trying to get focus on straight lines, is that you cant have them paralell to the sensor borders. If it is completely horizontal, or completely vertical, tilt the camera, get focus, and tilt it back till it is straight. Many AF systems have probelms with straight lines paralell to the borders. Dont know why. Just tilting it 20' is enough to get focus.


Not correct what you are saying about vertical lines. Try focus on verticals, focus acquisition is not a problem.

The focussing system functions as a single line type focussing point as opposed to cross type focus point of a DSLR.

The focussing system will not focus on horizontal lines in parallel with the horizontal sensor borders. Vertical lines are just fine. A cross type focus point would focus on both horizontal and vertical.

That would be with PDAF (and all PDAF points on hybrid AF are cross type whereas DSLRs usually have only a few cross type). With contrast detect should be all about contrast itself.

No, PDAF points are not necessary cross type. You have DSLRs with both cross type AF points and line type (or whatever the simple PDAF focussing points are called).

No NEX, Olympus, Fuji, and probably all other rmirrorless bodies have cross type focussing. If they did then you'd be able to focus on both horizontals and verticals, but you cannot, as you cannot focus on horizontals. DSLRs with cross type focus points still hold an advantage there, not sure how big that advantage is though.

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