Problems with a7 that need firmware update

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Re: Problems with a7 that need firmware update

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-the autofocus assist DOES NOT work with flashes, when you mount a sony flash and are using standard FE-mount lenses, the camera will still try and use its awful orange light instead of the much subtler red grid from the flash. AF assist light will not work at all with alpha glass.

-the back screen needs to be able to shut off rather then go black but still be powered. This is a waste of battery life and is just dumb. increase wake up speed and add in a faster sleep and the camera would almost be as efficient as a standard dslr with battery consumption.

-low light af is not good.

Please comment or add

Low light AF is not really a problem. If Sony can improve anything in firmware, of course that would be nice.

My experience is that AF in very low light with the A7 + the FE 35mm is good with focus assist light ON (dramatically better than with it OFF), although less fast than in good light.

It would be interesting to see a low light AF test vs the 6D or D610 WHEN turning of the live view effects so that AF is done wide open at all times like the DSLRs.

The focus assist light is glaring and god awfully bright and ugly and a problem all in itself. I would NEVER shoot with that ghastly thing on.

Suit yourself. The light will actually let you focus in almost complete darkness and make a dramatic difference in very low light. Luckily for you it can be turned off and just practice on MF, it rocks.

If not, go back to your beloved DSLR

I don't love DSLRs and haven't shot one for years.  I went from mirror less (Gh2) to sony SLT tech and now this.  The a7 has been my favourite so far and I am excellent at manual focusing.   Just would like a subtler af assist light.  Shame it can't work with the flash IR light

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