Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Fuji listens to its customers and updates frequently

Yesterday my dealer replaced my D7000 with a D7100 under my extended warranty because the 7000 had gone in twice for focusing issues and was stil totally erratic.

So today I find myself shooting license plates, sparrows and pedestrans from my apartment  and really appreciating the image quality. Got my Sigma 50-150 out and tried that, finally my Nikon 70-300 which I use for sports a lot. Really impressed all around.

Then ...just as a reality check I got one of my two Fuji s100fs units out.

At iso's up to 400 and using both optical and digital zoom ....I honestly can't say that I prefer the output from the 7100. The Fuji is just such a dependable, no nonsense, 'just deliver it' camera I end up with a smile on my face every time I use it. I shot lots of sports with it and it was difficult due to having to use manual focus and keep hitting the instant focus button otherwise the camera would hunt too much, but the images turned out. I have access to D700 and shot with that but with a 70-200 shooting polo the time I cropped in the IQ remaining wasn't as good as the s100fs on digital zoom delivering 11mp images at 800mm equavalent. When it would focus the d7000 was great and a treat to look through an optical viewfinder instead of the digital and I can see already the 7100 is an improvement. That said ...I always have an s100fs for everyday photograpy and appreciate what Fuji is capable of every time I use it. No I cant focus on dragonflies in flight like I can with a Nikon but for the versatility and dependability me it is still incredible.

So ..if Fuji does come out with something really good ...for sure I'll look. Between the old s100fs and their newer bridge cams ...they had nothing that could touch it and a lot of designs they should have left on the board ....I tried a bunch. A great DSLR from them would be a treat for sure.

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