"Buy FX lenses only" Yea or Nay?

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Re: "Buy FX lenses only" Yea or Nay?

chris102 wrote:

Voted "Nay."

There are a few DX lenses that are better on DX cameras than using FX 'equivalent' lenses on DX cameras. They are:

10.5 - there simply is not an FX lens that will provide a 180 fisheye on a DX camera. This lens is unique, so if you need or want a fisheye, this is the one to get.

12-24 - there are FX equivalents in the FX world, I now use the 17-35, and it's great. But you get this angle of view on DX, this lens has legendary color rendition, and ... it weighs a LOT less than the 17-35!

17-55 - this lens is superb. If I had only DX cameras, this lens would satisfy most of my needs. I have a friend who is a successful fine art portrait photographer, and this is the only lens she owns.

18-70 - I don't have it anymore, but that was one sweet lens! Price/performance made this one a must-have!

35 f/1.8 - the price alone gives this lens an advantage.

Chris, I appreciate your listing these lenses.  My camera is the D7000, and I have been debating about lenses myself.  I bought two DX zooms with my camera to cover the gamut of focal lengths - call them  my "training wheels".  Since then I have bought two FX lenses - one a macro.  I am not a pro, and don't feel like I have yet learned to utilize all the functions of my current camera to the fullest.  Also, I believe that the lenses you use make more difference to the images than the body.

I do agree with the OP who pointed out that it is better to buy a lens based on its specifications and their application to the intended use.  And knowing which DX lenses can make a difference is a big help.

So, thank you.


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