ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

safaridon wrote:

Many thanks for posting these comparisons for us and especially the graph showing the aperture versus focal length. This is definitely an advantage for the ZS40 for me. I assumed that by limiting the focal length to 500mm the ZS40 would be slightly faster lens than ZS35? Hard to tell as the figures are too small to read on my computer screen.

Thanks for your feedback.

As Erik explained you can view the graph in a larger version by clicking on it.

Yes, at 480mm or 500mm, the ZS40 lens is slightly faster, with a widest aperture of 6.0-6.1, versus the ZS35 of f/6.4 at its max zoom of 480mm. However, in practice that small difference would not be very significant.

Very surprising that the ZS40 still remains the smallest of the three inspite of including a small EVF and same size rear LCD.

It is impressive how Panasonic has managed to make the ZS40 so compact. Apparently there is a lens element that slides sideways when the lens retracts.

I believe the previews while noting the EVF is similar to that in the LF1 it has better optics that improve the view.

Yes, that is correct, although in the review of the ZS40 on Photographyblog they said it can be tiring to use the EVF for long periods.

My only gulp is the price of about $450 so that makes the ZS35 at $300 (?) and hinged LCD very attractive option. I have long hoped for such a model only with a reversible screen.

I think the hinged LCD was mainly added for taking self portraits. It seems to add significant extra thickness to the camera, making it less pocketable, for not much benefit, but that’s just IMHO and your needs may vary.


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