ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

Ianperegian wrote:

Thanks for clarifying, and I appreciate that in 2014 a “travel zoom” could well be considered to imply GPS. However, at the start of the Panasonic TZ series they were not what you call “T-Z” models. They were only “P-S-Z” models back then. The TZ1 in 2006 didn’t have GPS, and it wasn’t until 2009 with the ZS7 that GPS was introduced.

I was unaware that the TZ1 did NOT have a GPS until I did some research. So clearly the T-Z has morphed to including a GPS, forget now but I think the TZ7 had a GPS.

Anyway I can understand that being a map-maker you would certainly find it essential to have GPS, and I’m sure your signature is “tongue-in-cheek”, and that you would never be “Lost in the Colorado Mountains”!

Definitely a metaphor.

Not being familiar with GPS at all, I wondered whether it is possible, if someone did have a Canon SX700 HS, which has Wifi and NFC but not GPS, to be able to use it in conjunction with a portable device or phone, which they might also find it necessary to have with them on a hike/trip, which had GPS? (Sorry if this is a silly question.)

Not silly at all. While virtually all smartphones have a GPS chip, and WiFi, many NFC; they all suffer from battery life issues, worse with the GPS on. Of course, yours and many others main objection to a T-Z GPS is battery life. From my perspective, camera batteries are cheap, light and small, while smartphones may not even have replaceable batteries. So for important mapping I'll carry the Garmin, but for casual mapping the ZS40 may be sufficient, a test awaits. Some of the maps is this thread may be of interest.

Add to that the 30X zoom, EVF, and a fairly sophisticated GPS feature set, the ZS40 is one impressive tool. I've even thought it might be possible to make Panasonic compatible Topo maps, currently I can only make Garmin maps.

BTW, I was never trying to pick a fight, just "pulling your leg" over cherry picking a few specs and concluding the ZS40 the winner, when you could have done this: ZS40 : SZ700 : HX50V
and of course posted in the Canon and Sony forums too.

All that aside, I'll probably pay full price for the ZS40, last time I did that was 2003 for a Canon Rebel dSLR.

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Lost in the Colorado Mountains!!!

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