Nikon Df Review Bombs...Kinda

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Re: I can't help but snicker at these kinds of inane generalizations

Generally, all those attempts in classifications of people are rather disgusting

Kabe Luna wrote:

Josh152 wrote:

it only appeals to a very specific niche of people, well maybe two niches. One is those who like the cosmetic design and/or old school dials so much they are willing to pay a premium over the D610 to get them and the other is people who want the absolutely best sensor for high ISO shooting but can't or don't want to pay for a D4 and/or don't want to have to to lug such a large camera around. To those who dont' fall into those categories the Df is just an overpriced D610 with less features and a new set of clothes. In other words, pointless. To the people that do, especially the ones in the first category, it is the best Nikon camera ever. With such divergent, completely opposite, and emotionally charged opinions and no one really being able to see from or accept the other sides point of view it is no wonder there is so much angst surrounding the camera.

What about folks like me who also want an unobtrusive camera for candid photography (I've yet to have anyone not already aware what the camera was curious about the Dƒ, whereas the D800 elicits "Is that a DX00?" at every event I shoot)? Dƒ + small prime also draws considerably less attention on the street. Do I have to choose one of those aforementioned niches or can you speak one into existence for me and my ilk as well?

Yes, Df is attracting very little attention. Couple of times I was asked - are you still shooting film? Once I was asked to pull the film out.

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