X-T1 jpg quality question

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Re: X-T1 jpg quality question

Ed B wrote:

Randy Benter wrote:

I don't understand what you are expecting to see. Do you not know the difference between test shots and photography? The example images were shot using the same exposure and they are perfectly suitable for showing the different noise handling of the two cameras. The artistic value of the images is completely irrelevant. Do you think the noise reduction algorithm will magically change if the camera is held by an artist?

No Randy, I think people are over reacting and owe it to themselves to get a little more information before they talk about waxy skin tones.

People could go to a site like Pbase.com and do a search for the X-E2 camera and look at some of the high ISO pictures of people.

Granted, there aren't a lot of ISO 6400 and above portraits taken by photographers but the few I've seen look pretty good.

Example: http://www.pbase.com/image/153840223

That one example is good but it could have been processed in raw we are talking about jpegs.

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