FX for a casual shooter?

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Re: That's not casual.

I kind of shoot everything lol its hard making a decent living sticking to one thing  I have my own studio but I shoot a lot of weddings and I shoot all the Irish Traveler weddings and even horse racing and I have covered the grand national so I have my finger in a lot of pies

My most recent buy is the Nikon 18-140 lens. A great walk about lens and not all images need to be that sharp. I tried it in the studio for the first time the other day. I took 319 images and every last one was perfect. It never missed a single shot. Looking at 100 % it is clearly no where near as sharp as my main glass but on normal sized prints like 12" x 16" you would be hard pressed to see the difference. Not sure if it is better than the 16-85 but I think it might have the edge when used wide open.

I agree with my friend here too... I had a peek lol... great images indeed.

This is one from the 18-140.  Plenty sharp enough if you not printing huge.

I was going to post you an example of one at 1600 ISO but I do not seem to have one at hand.

If I get the time I shall find one or take one lol. I normally shoot RAW for most things but the above shot was shot in JPG.

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