Is the Panasonic 25mm a real f/1.4 lens?

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Re: DXO : t-stop is the effective way of measuring aperture.

Pixnat2 wrote:

toporossa wrote:

DXO defines t stop well in layman's terms :

Thus, T-stop takes into account every reflection or absorption due to the lens. It can be considered as an effective (versus theoretical) way of measuring the aperture.

Since T-stops are measuring the effective light gathering ability of a lens they are more relevant for exposure times/shutter speeds, choice of ISO and so on. But for depth of field, the f-stop is relevant, while the T-stop is completely irrelevant. You can proof that quite simply by putting a ND filter on your lens. Light gathering will be reduced (greatly, depending on the filter) but DOF will stay the same - that's the reason why these filters are used instead of reducing the aperture.

Thank you, that's one question I was asking myself and you replied very well. So it isn't explaining why the PL25 seems not to have the shallow a DOF of a 1.4 lens.

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My guess is that bokeh characteristics and sharpness also influence the impression of how much the background is blurred. But that's really just a guess.

P.S.: Sorry for editing my first post after you replied, I didn't notice your answer early enough.

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