no point - just I hate W8

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Re: no point - just I hate W8

anisah wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

anisah wrote:

This problem goes back a long way. W95 worked pretty well, but the first version of W98 was pretty awful. The second version of W98 was pretty good, but WMe was about as bad as it gets (or so we thought until Vista). ...

After that came WXP, which so many people still use, as it worked well and met consumer needs...

Again, just to keep the record straight - Windows XP did not come "after" Windows ME, it came after Windows 2000, which was in turn a successor of Windows NT.

Good point, except that my understanding was that both WNT and W2000 were aimed at the business community, while other OS were aimed at the consumer market.

That's true, but my point is that there's very little causal link between the consumer versions and the "professional" versions.   You can't really relate good or bad iterations of the two Microsoft product streams much more than you can between versions of Windows vs. iOS.

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