MFT 25mm f/1.4 fails to blur background like Full Frame 50mm lens @ f/2.8

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Re: Two closer looks

David Kieltyka wrote:

bluelemmy wrote:

To my eyes, the Sony shows noticeably more blur in the background.

I think what you're seeing are differences in DOF character between the two lenses rather than differences in DOF amount. The PanaLeica, for example, renders OOF specular areas with a sharper edge than the Zeiss. Have a look...first the Sony/Zeiss, then the Olympus/PanaLeica. I've downsampled the Sony pic to 18mp for a better match to the Olympus pic resolution-wise.

Sony A7r, Zeiss ZM 50/2 Planar at f/2.8.

Olympus E-M1, PanaLeica 25/1.4 at f/1.4.

The PanaLeica has a harder, more "modern" rendering while the Zeiss is smoother. This is a different thing than more vs. less DOF.

Here's another example. In this case the PanaLeica isn't as sharp as the Zeiss at the point of focus, the latter benefiting from being stopped down to f/2.8.

Sony A7r, Zeiss ZM 50/2 Planar at f/2.8.

Olympus E-M1, PanaLeica 25/1.4 at f/1.4.

DOF looks identical to me. The PanaLeica version is a bit softer overall as noted above. The wallpaper in the Zeiss version has more contrast. These are distinct from actual differences in DOF.


The amount of background blur also looks pretty similar to me, but I'd say that the 25/1.4 image looks more than a bit soft where the focusplane should be. Maybe a bit out of focus?

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