FX for a casual shooter?

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Re: That's not casual.

Wow thank you so much for the lovely comments on my photos, that has made my day I never do anything with my photos so I never know what others think. I absolutely love getting out with the camera, it has given me a new lease of life as I am always trying to find somewhere new to visit and looking to try new things. This time last year I told myself I wanted to improve. I had been using a D40 and shooting JPEG and snapping away, don't get me wrong I love that little D40 and in many ways it was easier to get the shot. I was never happy with the D90 jpegs in comparison so that is why I converted to raw which has really helped but again processing images is a learning curve. Probably realistically sticking with DX is more cost effective at the moment as I would only have a body to buy and a uwa as I rented the 10-24 and gave me a real taste to buy some kind of uwa.  If I was to go FX I would need a walk around lens, macro lens and in time an UWA.  I have really enjoyed reading everyones views in this thread and options.  I think some of the worries I had with the D7100 was about it not being forgiving and I have been having some issues with the D90 and the 70-200 2.8 so I am worried if it has been down to technique this could be even worse with the D7100.  I did send the D90 to nikon and they couldn't give me a clear answer only that issues were found.  Realistically at the moment it has been a rare occasion that I have felt the need to go above iso 800 so if a more modern camera such as the D7100 can give better noise at that then I should be happy.

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