Is the Panasonic 25mm a real f/1.4 lens?

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David Kieltyka
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Re: Nope

Fygaren wrote:

Your test is more like I would expect the result to be.

You should test both cameras in portrait orientation an make sure the top two corners are framed the same way on both pictures, I think you will need to take a step back to frame the FF and the result should in theory show slightly more background blur on the PL25.

Nah, I've satisfied myself that there's no conspiracy or misleading marketing at work here.    So I'll leave additional testing/measuring to other folks.

One other thing to keep in mind is that lens design can have an effect not only on OOF quality but also apparent OOF amount. A lens highly corrected for spherical aberrations and with high local contrast often has a wiry OOF character that gives the impression of greater acuity (and thus more DOF) than is actually there. And high-acutance lenses with a more abrupt transition from in-focus to OOF can give the impression of shallower DOF under some circumstances (such as a sharply rendered foreground subject against an OOF background) and yet deeper DOF under others (such as an in-focus background framed by an OOF foreground) compared to lower-acutance lenses with a more gradual transition. Judging OOF strictly in quantitative terms misses the subjective and qualitative impression of looking at photos holistically.


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