Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi

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a7000 anyone?

Marla2008 wrote:

I actually see if more as a humpless, APS-C A7.

To me, a long time N7 user who still picks my N7 over any other camera (and yes, I returned the A7), the N7 is mostly about TriNavi and mag alloy case. Both these things make a huge difference vs other cameras. I loved my N6 units and like the 6's IQ slightly over the N7, but I still always pick the N7 when going out the door, because the TriNavi is genius for a Manual shooter like me, and the metal construction *feels* completely different in the hand.

I though the A7's build was appropriate, but not superb. I expect the A6000 (which I preordered anyway) to have pretty much the same. The new custom controls are welcome, but very necessary to balance the loss of the TriNavi. Fortunately, from what I read, the top dial is very configurable, which should let anybody adapt it to their shooting styles.

I hope the jpeg processing is NOT that of the A7, which I did find much worse than the N7's.

As amazing as the N7 is (and I'm totally keeping mine), if the AF claims of the A6000 are true, then it's gonna be a pretty neat camera.

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Going to be interesting to see how that evf stacks up in practice as a good MF camera does need a good evf built in. It actually is quite useful for AF as well.

However I am wondering if the roles of the NEX6 and NEX7 are in the process of being reversed. The NEX7 was the premium bodied version with "Tri-Nav" (which I have never used) and the better sensor. The NEX6 came later and had a smaller sensor, a less premium body, but arguably more mainstream iindustry controls. Whether Tri-Nav is better or worse is not part of my present discussion.

Might the NEX7 have been turned into a cut price a6000 with goodies plus a down-rated evf lest it be seen as rivaling any other model. Sometime in the next month or so might we get the "a7000" which would be a premium bodied NEX6 with similar controls, all the a6000 goodies plus a few more, an uprated sensor, high resolution evf and a price point higher than the a6000.

Such a model would be more attractive to me. Of course everyone with an a6000 will go to great pains to declaim that the lower resolution lcd is in fact better for everything, including magnified MF use. In fact this may well be so but I find it hard to believe. Maybe for movies, maybe fine for AF purposes.

Maybe the multiple NEX models are approaching the point where Sony camera owners might be be starting to buy upgrade models that they want but hardly need? After all the blazing fast PDAF is only going to work on oem Sony lenses and be of no help for manual focus unless they are blessed by Sony with a PD focus confirm indication. The latter would be a selling point all in itself.

Furthermore the PDAF on my NEX6 isssomewhat selective and not necessarily active in all Sony E mount lenses, further is anyone of common sense going to be buying any more E mount lenses for aps-c? Surely the rare, large and expensive "bird": FE mount lenses, should be the lenses of choice now even for the NEX bodies? Just "in case" one is tempted into an A7 type now or one of its next generation successors.

As a MF lens user with a perfectly good NEX6 I can see no reason why I should be at all interested in the a6000 itself.

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