Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Fuji listens to its customers and updates frequently

Jim Evidon wrote:

"...So what say you, Fuji fans? Do I drop Nikon and go Fujifilm?...?

I was a 30 year+ Nikon user exclusively. But finally I got tired of carrying around a heavy camera with an assortment of heavy lenses, etc. I decided that I'd either have to hire a bearer (a la African safari ) or move to a lighter and more advanced system. After trying several brands over a few years, I discovered the Fuji X Pro-1. I find it to be well made and finely finished with superb "kit" lens quality. Actually, they don't make kit lenses and the lens prices while not cheap and well within reason. I won't bore you with discussions about the hybrid finder which I love, or the image quality that can blow the socks off the competiition. Lets just say that Nikon is a fine product, but so is Fuji.

What I really admire is that Fuji continues to offer firmware upgrades on cameras that they no longer make incorporating improvements found on later models. An example is the now defunct X100 which now has many of the 100S improvements by way of recent on-line upgrade. Try to get Nikon to do that! No way. They would prefer that you buy the latest model.

I'm still waiting for Fujifilm to fix the defective in-camera RAW converter on my X100 (and X10). You know, the one fixed on their other X cameras but somehow decided to hang out to dry the people who created the X camera buzz in the first place?

Shortly after buying my XPro-1, I had occasion to call Fuji tech support about a question and found that they do monitor forums such as this one and incorporate many improvements suggested by the forums on their next upgrade. I suspect that if you asked Canon or Nikon whether they monitor their customer base on the forums, they wouldn't know what you were talking about.


Nikon makes a great product and if you like it keep it. But if you are tempted to look at Fuji, you may find that it is more to your liking as did I.

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