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Re: Define Casual?

Penny123 wrote:

That is an incredibly sharp and detailed image!

Well thank you for your words, I just wanted to to try keep the debate on an even balance   That pic was also shot wide open at F2.8 and is rather sharper when stopped down a couple of stops, so you can see it is extremely impressive.

Yes it is a fact that the D600 produces better images at high ISO although not sharper. In shooting in the real world this often makes less difference than you might think. I shall try to explain. Ok a genuine shooting scene.... Three photographers at a wedding... Mr four thirds, MR DX and Mr FF  The bride and groom are at the front and you want them both in the frame and in focus. Mr FF decides that F5.6 is needed at 60th of a second and this needs 6400 ISO. Ok all good and no problem. Next is DX man. Same pic but he only needs to use F4 to allow enough DOF to get both in focus. So DX man only needs 3200 ISO. This makes thing pretty even. Next up is four thirds man. To take the same pic he only needs to set F2.8 and 60th of a sec so he only needs to use 1600 ISO  So it is all swings and roundabouts. This is the main reason I prefer DX. I have far more times I need more DOF than less. For me at least DX is the middle ground. A lot are hooked on extreme shallow DOF and then FF wins with ease. Others prefer the opposite and want as much dof as they can muster then four thirds are great. All are great cameras. IQ is something you really do not need to look at these days with top end cameras. They all have it in abundance. The feature set and operation is far more important. The best camera is always the one that going give you the biggest smile

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