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Even simple things are not very intuitive

Scott Eaton wrote:

Having to deal with Win8 on a mass scale gives me a different perspective, but I think it's safe to say that 99% of the hate directed at Win8 is the Metro GUI and lack of start menu, correct? Not the underlying OS itself.

That's probably correct for the most part; but I've seen some "quirks" with the underlying OS, too.

I wish that Microsoft would quit changing things from one version to the next (settings locations, etc.), as that's just going to increase the learning curve that users upgrading need to go through.

Metro, for lack of a better term 'sucks', and contrary to constant advice to install a 3rd party Start GUI this isn't an option in many circumstances I deal with. I then have to support that 3rd party add on and deal with any conflicts. Different story for home use where you can do what you want. It also doesn't negate Metro at all because Win8 will still throw you into difficult to to exit Metro wizards for ambiguous sign-ups to MS live, clicking on media links, etc. Very confusing for workflow minded people I have to support.

No kidding, as if you don't have file associations setup to avoid the new style (formerly known as Metro) apps, you'll find yourself in a screen that a new user would have a hard time figuring out how to exit out of, not realizing that trying to "grab" the top of the screen and dragging it down to the bottom would be the way to exit a new style application with no other obvious ways to stop it and go back to your normal desktop.

I've seen that kind of thing on my PC (for example, clicking a link to a voice mail message from my e-mail, then finding the file type being associated with a new style app for playing it, with no obvious way to exit the application so I could get back to my desktop apps again). IOW, I found no way to click anything on the screen to exit it, and only using Google to determine how to "grab" the top of the screen and "drag" it down to the very bottom allowed me to close it.

The new style apps are not very intuitive, and that's an understatement, as I've been using computers for decades (including heavy use of DOS, as well as all newer versions of Windows after that) and I still had problems figuring out how to do very simple things (for example, just trying to close a new style Application that was loaded by accident because of a default file association) without using Google or other search engines to find solutions.

So, there are very good reasons that users want to avoid them (and good reasons why they want to avoid using Win 8.x entirely, especially if they're more accustomed to using Win 7 and earlier releases).

With third party utilities (for example, the free Classic Shell, or the inexpensive Start8 shell), you can avoid using the new style Start Screen and have a traditional style Start Menu back again.

But you still need to be careful about file associations so that you don't find yourself in a full screen version of an application that has no obvious way to exit out of (until you figure out how to grab the very top of the screen and drag it down to the very bottom of the screen to exit it). The new Style applications are just not very intuitive (no obvious way to exit them, no way to resize them as desired, etc.), and are just not optimized for desktop users.

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