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Re: David - thanks for your remarks!

Your remarks on a mouse with a tablet reminded me. There's a little program called touchmousepointer (all one word, I think). It adds a little mousepad to the Windows 8.1 tablet screen, you can move it about where you want and it has right and left mouse buttons. It's quite useful. So you can have a mouse on your tablet without needing to use the usb.

I agree with your comments and elsewhere about the dreaded Office ribbon. Open Office/Libre or whatever I have too, but when people send me work related stuff it is sadly just easier to open it work on it and return in Office (things like IRR calculations just don't always seem to give the same results - sometimes blanks are like zeroes other times not).

Hence a tablet/netbook with Word/Excel included was useful for me.

CAcreeks wrote:

Very insightful, thanks much.

For me personally on a tablet, it is the mouse that I miss more than the keyboard. I have a Linux laptop and vastly prefer OpenOffice Writer to Word, so the "Office" aspect of a Windows 8.x tablet is pointless for me.

What I like on the Android tablet are Netflix and Kindle, both of which are not really usable on a laptop. Some apps are better than websites, as well. I really do not have any problem typing on the touchscreen keyboard. My sister has an iPad and I like it too, for the same reasons.

David Tallboys wrote:

I have an iPad and a Nexus 7. The iPad is the best tablet - it just seems to flow better - but the T100 I mentioned in my full original post is a tablet but with an attachable/detachable keyboard. It is full Windows 8.1 (not RT) so it runs pretty much all windows programs and the machine comes with Excel and Word. So at £350 in the UK - less in the US - I think it is quite a good deal.

In tablet mode the Fisher-Price squares are Ok for those of us who are rotten shots with our fingers. You flick up and down to scroll the screen - but it is not as smooth as the iPad as mentioned earlier.

Clip in the keyboard, add a mouse and you've got a reasonable laptop/netbook. I also have an external screen to use when I want to sit at my desk at home. I wouldn't suggest trying to do photo or video editing. It is a sort of return to the netbook.

I think HP do a similar type of machine but with a bigger screen. I hope that is of use to you.

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