Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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What lens and body size do you want?

The sensors will continue to improve at a remarkable pace, as will features like video, wireless, HDR, and maybe even internet connectivity such as direct deposit into your cloud via 4G cellular.

The physics behind a good lens, however, will not change so rapidly so ask yourself, "What size system do I want to handle and carry?"

Consider the Nikon 1 before considering the Fujifilm X. Is it just right, too small, or too large? Eventually, the imaging devices and microprocessors of really small sensors will rival that of today's SLRs. A lot of people are pretty happy with cell phone cameras right now.

Figure out how much grip you need for the lens system and hope an appropriately sized body to fit them is available. I know I have not mentioned the lens diameter and the amount of light it can gather but lens system performance is tied up with the sensor system. For me, I just felt APS-C lenses were big enough and Fujifilm's body was also not tiny-feeling. I also looked at M4/3 and 1" mirrorless systems but decided to place my trust in sensor development around a lens/body system only one step down from full-frame. Low-light shooting is kind of important for me so I committed to a good set of APS-C lenses. Of course, that is a total gamble on Fujifilm sensor development at least matching its competitors.

Going back to the Nikon 1, it is easily possible Nikon's 1-inch sensor performance will outpace Fujifilm's APS-C and deliver equal, or better, performance despite its smaller area. Try it and a micro 4/3 system, as others have suggested. Compare Fujifilm's, Sony's, and Samsung's APS-C lens and body performance. What do you want to handle and carry, assuming you have a cell phone in your pocket?

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