Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

Started Feb 15, 2014 | Questions thread
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Big mistake I made....

I was shooting Canon for over 10 years and Nikon before that. I switched to Canon because Nikon refused to come up with FF cameras.

So after over 10 years with Canon I bought D800e and it became my main camera. The only lenses I have left with Canon mount were few Sigma lenses but these are really, really good.

But D800e is missing one feature I need. Focus orientation points which is available on D4 but not on D8ooe. For this reason and because I still have Canon mount lenses, I did not wanted to sell, I bought 5D III. Big mistake.

Yes, 5D III has better menu concept but finding something just as difficult. Besides I don't use menus very often. Grip is deeper on Canon but it does not make it more comfortable for me because I have average hands. The only useful option is silent shooting. But D800e literally runs circles around 5D III.  It actually has better IQ, better DR, better noise control (regardless what others say because they don't know how to compare), better low light focusing ( I shoot a lot in low light so to me it is most useful feature), faster shutter lag etc... It is just better camera and if was $4K I would still buy it because D800e is a shooters camera unlike that toy from Canon.

I am seriously considering selling 5D III with all of the lenses (at financial loss) and buying second D800e because it is that much better.

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