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Re: NEW Fujifilm Camera!

bavarius6 wrote:

Still shooting Analog, why?

I love my xp1 but when you do a bit of research you realise that in some ways digital still hasn't matched film, especially if you shoot B&W. Can you show me a sensor that can be overexposed by 5 stops before it loses detail or alternatively a B&W film that only contains 256 shades of grey?

Those 256 shades of gray are JPEG (8-bit) shades. Haven't you heard of 12-bit, 14-bit and 16-bit RAW files? They'd give you 4,096, 16,384 and 65,536 shades of gray.


That's why I've recently started shooting 35mm Ilford FP4 again and loving it.

I hope that your 35mm camera is able to prevent film curl and keep the FP4 really, really flat. It's really needed for high resolution fine grain film.

Wow, you've figured out how to print an unprocessed RAW file? Clever......

......or trying to be.


Ps which Fuji camera has 16 bit RAW?
PPS Which camera of any make does?

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