NEW Fujifilm Camera!

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Re: NEW Fujifilm Camera!

bavarius6 wrote:

Still shooting Analog, why?

I love my xp1 but when you do a bit of research you realise that in some ways digital still hasn't matched film, especially if you shoot B&W. Can you show me a sensor that can be overexposed by 5 stops before it loses detail or alternatively a B&W film that only contains 256 shades of grey?

That's why I've recently started shooting 35mm Ilford FP4 again and loving it.

Newer isn't always better.....


You must be retired and have time on your hands. If you are making these claims you must be processing and printing yourself, right... I would not trust a lab if you are so particular about your claims of controlling shades of grey.

I wish I was retired but alas no. Why would you assume this? Do you know how long digital cameras have been a viable alternative to film?

However I do know a thing or two about photography both analog and digital and don't feel threatened by those who know a bit more than me....


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