FX for a casual shooter?

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Re: Define Casual?

InTheMist wrote:

Westmill wrote:

I did not shoot this in the studio but a snapshot in my living room using a zoom lens and hand held. I welcome anyone to post the same kind of shot from a D800 Then we can see this big difference.

Did you actually read what I wrote?

Anyway, OP, Westmill thinks that the D7100 has more detail than the D800, so there's that argument against FX.

Yes and I agreed with most of it too so sorry but then i also looked at the pics where you stated obviously better because of the crop aspect. I did not intend it to be strictly directed at you either to be honest. It was directed at anyone. It was just to make a point. The fact is that most just assume the FF is always sharper swiftly followed by if you print big. But you often have to show a direct comparison or people just add 2+2 and make 22 Anyway... sorry did not mean to offend !

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